New Release!

Alright, time for a new release. My tension’s still pretty high, and i need an outlet to release it all. One of which is creating an ePub from another new series.

This series is still pretty new, and the start is nothing stellar, but the premise is very interesting. If you’ve been in the internet in the 90’s or early 2000’s, you should be familiar to a mode of communication called IRC. It’s mainly a chat portal where people congregate and talk their interests with each other. My memory of that time leans more on downloading stuff from it. If we compare it with today’s standards, the closest would be fb messenger, or google hangouts, or iChat.

Anyways, our main protagonist, a perfectly “normal” person, has been unexpectedly invited to a chat group. What’s weird is that the people on the chat group have names like what you would normally see on xianxia novels, and all they talk are tribulations, making medicinal pills, etc.

At first, he thought they are just avid fans of the genre, but little does he know…

Anyways, the ePub’s here.

Cultivation Chat Group [CCG]


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