Updates + Release Combo!


I’ve been meaning to add the series “Close Combat Mage” in the blog but it was always superceded by priorities (like God of Cooking… my bad), until i decided to create a single ePub for it since there has been no updates of the series ever since. I have read this series and it’s a little bit shounen. It even has elements of One Piece later on, so you get the idea. Oh, and a few chapters contain mature scenes, so take it as it is.

Close Combat Mage

Update List

Against the Gods

I Shall Seal The Heavens

I’m Really A Superstar

Stranger’s Handbook

The King of the Battlefield


On another note, i’m seeing another release for Stunning Edge done by another group, and this is confusing me a lot. Oh well, my OCD will catch up to it eventually.


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