2nd Update of the Day

I won’t bother listing the ePubs i’ve updated. Suffice to say, everything should have been updated as of this time.

On another thing, there are a couple of changes i’m currently implementing on the blog.

  1. Aside from the main dish located on the right side, i’ve added a couple more headers on the blog. A menu has been specifically created for chinese novels, korean novels, japanese novels, and completed novels. I *might* create an english epub section, that is, in the near future. (i have a pet project entry for this section).
  2. Completed novels will now have google drive links for batch downloads, instead of the previous dropbox links. I’m still using dropbox, but i’ve found a free service that automagically syncs my ePub files to (one of my many) Gdrive accounts.
  3. Ongoing releases will still retain the dropbox link. Or unless necessary for some titles.


Aside from those changes, there are a couple of updates that i should mention.

  1. All ePub covers have been updated to a more pleasing visual style. Unlike before where it looks so generic. You might want to re-download if you want your files updated.
  2. The rebuild of the ePub for the series Against the Gods is complete. My OCD caught up with me, and the result is what you get.


I may have removed some pages, such as the request page, since it feels like it’s cluttering the blog. I might put it back again though.

I think that’s it. Tomorrow goes back to normal release pattern though. Haha.



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