When Going Mobile (ePub Readers)

One of the main reasons of why i decided to create my own ePubs is due to the fact that i travel a lot, and most of that time, i have no access to the net for my craving reading needs.

And it also stands to reason that there should be a decent ePub app to handle your ebooks. There have been plenty of contenders, but so far, i’ve narrowed my choices into 3. I’ll mention my first choice, and the rest will be mentioned in the near future posts.

The first i’ll mention, and the most frequent app i’ve used when reading ebook is eReader Prestigio (what! not moon+ reader? blasphemy!!!!).

Firstly, when it comes to interface, eReader Prestigio is actually pretty good. All the important menus are easily accessible by swiping from the left side of the screen.
Screenshot_2016-07-05-23-23-56-411Importing your ePub books is also hassle-free. Just select the folder, and you can import them.Screenshot_2016-07-05-23-27-08-497In fact, grouping your books via its collections feature is highly recommended.Screenshot_2016-07-05-22-59-40-647Here’s an example, displaying the Overlord ePubs, grouped in a collection. Properly sorted via diligent metatag-ing of the ebook. Screenshot_2016-07-05-23-00-27-860Or the Details view.

When it comes to the reading experience, it also handles it well. The page turning effect was, in fact, done so well, that even i personally prefer it compared to moon+ reader. You have easily accessible options to change fonts, day or night themes, bookmarks, brightness, text-to-speech feature, search, and the like.

Screenshot_2016-07-05-23-09-52-549Another plus with Prestigio is its support of tags. Hence my obsession of proper metadata tagging when it comes to eBooks. It can read Calibre series tagging, so that’s a plus. With a proper tagging of your eBooks, the catalog feature in Prestigio becomes very powerful.Here’s a catalog display by author, with properly tagged ebooks.Screenshot_2016-07-05-23-19-46-455Or according to series.Screenshot_2016-07-05-23-20-27-799When you actually start to use the app, it requires you to login. But the best part is, you can totally skip the login page and continue to the main screen. So it’s not really mandatory for the user to login to the app.
Overall, this has been my main app for reading ePubs when on the go. Of course, i’m not condemning when you use a different app. Each one of us has their own preferences after all. This just happens to be mine.


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